QBE: The Australian dream of home ownership is set to change forever

QBE Insurance Findings
Australia is entering an era of high-rise apartment buildings as unit prices are expected to fall in most Australian cities, even as house prices are tipped to rise in the country's major cities over the next three years.

QBE Insurance's Housing Outlook 2017-2020 predicted massive surges in house prices in some Australian cities over the next three years,  including Canberra, which could see rises of more than 16%; Melbourne, 10.2%; Brisbane, 7.1%, and Hobart, 10.8%. This trend in the projections is bucked by two cities: Sydney, with the Harbour City's house prices expected to fall by roughly 0.2%, and Darwin, which is expected to see a drop of 1%.

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Apartments, meanwhile, will likely see a decrease in unit prices – 7% for Brisbane, 5% for Melbourne, and 4% for Sydney. QBE said the weakening demand for units is largely due to tighter investor-lending standards im…

Home Insurance Quotes Online

Home Insurance Online Quotes
Diford Home Insurance offers some of  the most comprehensive home insurance policies on the Australian Home Insurance market, including all types of Household Insurance for homeowners, tenants and landlords. Home and Contents Insurance coverage comes with many varying options, most notably including the popular ad highly recommended Accidental Damage coverage and coverage for Defined Events (Listed Events), depending upon the level of coverage one requires.

Home Insurance Accidental Damage
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Home Insurance Defined Events
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Cyclone Debbie Insurance Claims Losses

Cyclone Debbie Insurance
An American financial giant's insurance earnings have been battered by Cyclone Debbie, which lashed across Queensland and New South Wales as well as New Zealand in March.

Also local Insurance companies including QBE insurance, AAMI, NRMA, GIO and Suncorp plus other international Insurance companies including Zurich and Allianz are currently assessing their claims losses.

Home Insurance Claims
The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) said the cyclone caused an estimated $1.4 billion in insured losses, including Home Insurance and Car Insurance claims, with 58,416 related to personal claims and 7,462 to businesses.

The cyclone also made its presence felt as far as Omaha, Nebraska in the United States, as it made a US$165 million ($208 million) impact to the earnings results of Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, The Courier-Mail reported.

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The firm was …

QBE Home Insurance

QBE Home Insurance
QBE Home Insurance offers some of  the most comprehensive household insurance policies on the Australian market, including all types of Household Insurance for homeowners, landlords and tenants. Household Insurance comes with various option including for Accidental Damage and Defined Events (Listed Events) depending upon the level of coverage required.

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Allianz Car Insurance rejects move to charge riskier drivers more

Allianz Car Insurance, one of the four insurers in Queensland's compulsory third-party (CTP) system has spoken out against the idea of charging riskier drivers more for CTP insurance due to lack of evidence to back the move.

The risk-premium idea has been proposed by a state government-backed committee, saying that charging riskier drivers more – within a set band of prices – instead of the current system where all car drivers pay the same could potentially spur “better outcomes for motorists”.

The committee was first to admit, however, that it was “difficult to predict the extent to which the level of CTP premiums would directly influence driver behaviour, noting the evidence on this is limited”.

Allianz told The Courier-Mail: “There is no evidence that modestly higher premiums for less capable or safety conscious drivers has any impact on driver behaviour or accidents that translates into improved CTP claims experience. The current… approach underpins Queensland’s position as th…

Home Insurance Quotes Online

Home Insurance Quotes
Diford Home Insurance Brokers Australia are your one stop shop for all types of general insurance, including home insurance, home and contents insurance, landlord insurance and all types of household insurance, buildings insurance, property insurance, as well as insurance for your vehicles and business.

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Suncorp Insurance announced it's using drones to survey damage from Cyclone Debbie

Suncorp Insurance has announced that it is using drones to survey damage caused by Cyclone Debbie, marking the first time the technology has been used in Australia for cyclone and flood insurance claims.

Drones have been used to fly over the disaster-hit areas of the state and assess flood and cyclone claims home insurance policies, and assess the severity and extent of damage, with information filtered back to the insurer’s customer response teams (CRTs).

The technology has been used in areas that bore the brunt of Cyclone Debbie last week such as around Bowen, Airlie Beach and Proserpine. In each of these areas, the insurer has set-up CRTs to assist the hardest hit communities of the region.

 ​​​​​​“The drone imagery gives our teams important insights into the extent of the damage in areas that are still inaccessible due to closed roads and floodwaters,” Josh Cooney, a Suncorp spokesperson said.

“With this information, we can better coordinate our response so our teams can hit the g…