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Truck Insurance 

The Australian Truck Insurance market is made up of major insurance companies with varying risk appetites. Certain insurers covers trucks and commercial motor vehicles of all sizes, including Prime Mover Trucks, Rigid Trucks and vans etc. Other insurers exclude trucks over 10 tonnes, such as Prime Movers and other Rigid trucks. Likewise, certain occupations are included or excluded depending upon the usage of the truck or the goods carried.

Prime Mover Truck Insurance

Major Truck Insurance companies that offer insurance for trucks over 10 tonnes, such as Prime Movers and Rigid Trucks include NTI, Global Transport, Zurich and QBE. Other insurers such as Allianz and CGU do not cover trucks over 10 tonne, such as Prime Movers. Truck Insurance and Prime Mover Truck Insurance is also available both for Owned Trailers and Non Owned Trailers In Control. In particular, Non-Owned Trailer in Control Insurance is available in conjunction with Prime Movers.

Rigid Truck Insurance 

Truck Insurance for Rigid Trucks is also available from most major Truck Insurance companies in Australia. Rigid Trucks come in all sizes and for all types of occupations, carrying all types of goods. Again, most insurers allow coverage for Rigid Trucks under 10 tonne carrying capacity, with NTI, Global Transport, Zurich and QBE also catering for trucks over 10 tonne carrying capacity.

Truck Insurance Brokers

Diford Truck Insurance Australia are Truck Insurance specialists offering coverage Australia wide. We provide Commercial Motor Insurance for all types of vehicles including Prime Movers, Rigid Trucks, Light Commercial Vehicles, Vans and Utes, as well as Trailers and Semi Trailers. We have Truck Insurance Brokers in all states and territories of Australia ready to provide you with Quotes.

Tow Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance is available for a wide range of occupations. One specialty type of coverage is for Tow Truck Insurance. Insurance for Tow Trucks is available from certain Insurers but not all. Diford Truck Insurance Australia compares the Australian Truck Insurance market to compare Tow Truck Insurance quotes for both Tow Trucks and Rigid Trucks. On Hook Insurance is also available in all areas within Australia, along with Public Liability and Marine Cargo.

Furniture Removalist Truck Insurance

Furniture Removalist Truck Insurance and Truck Insurance for Furniture Removals is another specialty class. We have special policies available specifically for House to House Furniture Removals, again with additional coverage available for Public Liability and Marine Cargo.

Prime Mover Truck Insurance Quotes

Diford Truck Insurance are specialist Prime Mover Truck Insurance Brokers. Contact us for Prime Mover Truck Insurance Quotes as we do all the work to compare Prime Mover Truck Insurance Quotes.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Contact Stephen Thomas for Truck Insurance Quotes for all types of occupations, types and sizes of trucks and goods carried. We provide quotes in all cites and towns and all states and territories of Australia.

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