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Truck Insurance Quotes

Truck Insurance Quotes are our speciality at Diford Truck Insurance Australia. We are a specialized Trucking Industry department of Diford Insurance Brokers, and are experts at providing Truck Insurance Quotes for Truck Drivers and Transportation companies and Haulage and Logistics Companies in Australia.

Transport Industry Insurance

We offer specialty Truck Insurance coverage including Comprehensive Truck Insurance, Transport Operator's Public Liability Insurance, Carrier's Goods In Transit Marine Cargo Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance for the Australia Transport industry.

Comprehensive Truck Insurance

Comprehensive Truck Insurance is essential for any truck owner, whether you are an owner operator truck driver or  transport operator, tradesman using trucks for your trade, or a logistics company in the transport business. We have packages for all industries including transport and haulage, earth moving and earthworks, civil works, and all trades and industries. Comprehensive Truck Insurance covers you for all types of damage and liability including Collision, Physical Damage and Injury.

We have access to all the major Commercial Truck Insurers including NTI, Global Transport, QBE, Zurich, Allianz, CGU etc. All insurers offer additional insurance options for Public Liability, Marine Cargo, Business Interruption and Downtime Insurance, Accident Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance etc.

Contact us today for your Truck Insurance quote as well as Insurance Quotes for all types of accompanying insurance products.

Transport Operator's Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is essential for anyone in business to protect themselves from being sued for damage or injury to others. We can include Public Liability coverage with your Truck Insurance policy, or mix and match form other insurance companies to find the best possible deal for you.

When you are engaging with other companies in contract they will most likely require you hold Public Liability coverage of $10 million or $20 million. we have a large range of options for both, and often find the price for $20 million not much more than that of $10 million. We are able to offer you both options and you can decide which one meets your requirements best.

Carrier's Goods in Transit Marine Cargo Insurance

Carrier's Goods In Transit Insurance is the most common type of Marine Cargo insurance, especially for Transport operators, as it provides Cargo Insurance coverage, also known as Load insurance,  for operator's who are transporting goods for other companies who own the goods. In order to obtain the appropriate coverage at the right price, we will need to know the maximum value of goods being carried per load and your Gross Freight Earnings (Turnover or Gross Revenue from all transportation). 

Workers' Compensation Insurance

If you are employing staff as employees, such as drivers or other workers, you are required to have Workers' Compensation Insurance by your local state or territory government. Workers' Compensation will cover you if any accidents or injuries occur to your employees while they are are working. In certain states, if you are a Director of your own company, you can substitute a Workers' Compensation policy with a Personal Accident and Sickness policy for working directors only. Other employees will still be need to be covered under your Workers' Compensation policy, where you advise your annual payroll to be covered.

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance | Personal Injury Insurance

In certain states of Australia, working directors are allowed to have a Personal Accident Insurance policy in place of a Workers' Compensation policy for themselves. Accident Insurance policies can provide coverage away from work, including after hours and at home, and also have options to cover sickness, disablement and death as well. These policies often provide better coverage at a better price.
Please contact us to organize a Personal Accident Insurance policy if you believe this suit your situation.

What is the Best Truck Insurance?

The best Insurance depends upon your unique business situation, and is not necessarily the cheapest insurance. We compare the market to compare the best possible insurance options depending upon your unique circumstances. Contact us today for Insurance Quotation.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Contact Stephen Thomas, Truck Insurance Broker in Australia, for your best Truck Insurance quote.

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